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Turf King is an Australian owned & managed family business. We pride ourselves on supplying and installing the highest quality synthetic turf, which is backed by our 10 year guarantee.

With UV stabilisation a standard feature throughout our entire range, our synthetic turf is so realistic, you’ll want to bend down and run your fingers through it.

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Choosing the best artificial turf supplier Yeerongpilly

Are you planning to replace your natural green grass lawn with an artificial turf? There are various advantages of installing artificial turf for your lawns and finding a good artificial turf supplier is definitely the first thing to do in the list.

Why artificial turf is the best

Artificial turf is the best kind of grass that requires no recurring maintenance and is affordable as well. The best artificial turf supplier Yeerongpilly supplies the best quality turf grass that requires no trimming or maintenance, or does not need to be watered. At the same time, the artificial grass looks as same as natural all the year round. It does not need any kind of pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals for it to grow and last but not the least, these artificial turf grasses are eco friendly and are more durable and long lasting as far as natural grass is concerned. They have a variety of grasses to choose from for specific places like laws, playgrounds, pet areas, backyards, and various other landscaping features.

Making the best choice

Artificial turf supplier Yeerongpilly companies are the best choice when it comes to choosing the best quality turf. They help you to make the right decisions and guide you on buying the best quality turf. They offer the best products at the best prices and all products are made with the highest quality yarns and have the best backing system available with options in latex and polyurethane. Their yarns are matchless in the industry and well are intended for a better quality look, show and feeling. Just tell them the turf you are interested in, how much you require, the delivery address and whether you would require installation, and they would help you by offering you the best artificial turf in Australia.

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